Saturday, May 9, 2009

How To Hold The Keys To Your Partner's Heart and Mind

By Cucan Pemo

Would you like to possess the power to be able to penetrate into your partner's thoughts and know exactly what he or she wants? Imagine having such jedi-like powers at your fingertips.

Well, you can! If you will learn how to hold the keys to your partner's heart and mind and make him yours forever.

Kenneth Goode is an outstanding figure in advertising and selling and I do recommend his books if you are interested to find out more about him and his teachings.

When I read about his eight insights about people, I can still remember that I'm beaming with excitement as this might hold the formula to understand what your partner will do.

Although Kenneth Goode is speaking to an audience that is supposedly to be interested in selling and advertising (to people), his wisdom and insights about people can help us to understand what people do the things they do, and of course "people" include yourself and your mate.

His eight insights about people are:

(1) Follow a habit until it hurts
(2) Accept his beliefs ready-made and stick to them until the cows come home.
(3) Follows his leaders, eyes shut, mouth open.
(4) Work hard to establish superiority in the eyes of his equals.
(5) Find his greatest interest in his own emotional kicks.
(6) Yield to suggestion when properly flattered.
(7) Love low prices and dislike economy.
(8) Glorify the past and discount the future.

Think about how you can use Kenneth Goode's insights to influence your partner. Remember, you cannot change your partner into someone you like to see; you cannot force your another person to become that which you want him or her to become.

Here's an invaluable tip for you. If you are want to influence your partner; if you want to persuade him to do something or to see your point, don't say it out loud or even point it out to him. Try, instead, to make him think that that idea comes from his own.

Why? People always "accept his beliefs ready-made and stick to them until the cows come home".

Most people hate to be told what to do. Most people hate to know that their ideas are wrong. In fact, people hate it even more when you point it out to them.

So, if you want to attract a new mate, make it seem like he or she is the one who wants to be with you!

If you want to bring back a lost love, your first step is to make sure you don't make it seem like you want him or her back. Depending on your relationship or marriage circumstance, most people hate to be told that they should come back to your side. To them, it just spells more trouble.

Make yourself indispensable. If you have a hot temper, find ways to solve this problem. If you are too clingy, find the solutions to do away with your clingy-ness. If you know the mistakes you have done, correct them.

Your partner will find his or her way back to you all without your asking when they "know" that you are someone they would want to spend their life with afterall.

Kenneth Goode's insights have been very helpful to me so far. I now understand that there are certain things we cannot change about people, because that is the way people are! If you are always finding yourself eveloping in self-pity in a failing relationship, or if you are always finding yourself wanting your partner to behave in certain ways, I hope you understand these insights and apply them to your life and to your relationship because they can liberate you. Many times, it is not your fault afterall.

Wrtie these eight insights down and stick them on your desk where you can see them daily.

I will write more about how these insights can be applied to any types of relationship as and when I have more tips to share with you on this site.

Master these insights, and you can be well on your way to hold the keys to your partner's heart and mind; or rather, anyone's heart and mind.

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