Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Getting Back Together

Wanna know what’s keeping you from getting back together with your ex?

Chances are it is one of the top 3 reasons couples do not get back together.

1. Fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of being hurt. Fear of what your ex will say. Fear of putting yourself out there “on the line.” Fear of the unknown — what COULD happen!

It’s enough to hinder you to the point of inaction.

But the fact remains, if you don’t “put yourself out there” sometimes, you won’t get anywhere. No risk, no reward.

Don’t be afraid. As long as you avoid the mistakes from the Biggest Breakup Mistakes series, only good things can happen!

2. Pride. This runs neck and neck with fear as a top reason couples are unable to get back together.

Let’s face it, at the end of a relationship, things are said and done which are often regrettable.

Our feelings are hurt. Our egos are damaged. And in order to recover and cope with the breakup, we cling to our pride.

Add to that our basic human desire to be “right.”

We desperately want to believe that we are in the right, and our ex is in the wrong.

It’s our way of telling ourselves that we are ok. There’s nothing wrong with this. We are ok and it’s good that we think well of ourselves during tough times like this.

But often our pride prevents us from moving int he right direction with our ex’s.

It prevents us from saying how we REALLY feel. Or it prevents us from really tackling the core reason why you broke up in the first place.

Frankly, we would be best served by humbling ourselves and opening ourselves up to our special someone. If your ex is indeed your true love, you should be able to demonstrate humility, let go of your pride and be completely open and honest.

If you are can overcome your pride, then chances are you can overlook past mistakes and forgive your ex. Or maybe it will give you the strength to ask for forgiveness yourself if it is needed. Or it will help you to tackle the real issues that are keeping you apart.

3. Inability to overcome obstacles.

Many times we allow an obstacle to get in the way of reconciling. It’s just too easy to say “oh well, I tried.” I know because I’ve done it!

But in the end, there’s a solution for every obstacle. That’s right, every one of them.

Despite what the gurus would have you believe, there are no solutions that work 100% of the time, simply because we all possess free will to do as we please. If anyone tells you otherwise, run (don’t walk) in the other direction!

That said, there are things we can do to overcome all obstacles. For every situation, there is a solution.

Let me say that again….

For every situation, there is a solution.

I have seen miracles in my own relationships, and now I have seen it play out successfully for thousands around the world who have learned the do’s and dont’s from this newsletter and Win Back Love.

Please give it a try now and see for yourself –