Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The secret truth about men and women - get the free report now!


Movies and novels are written about understanding the opposite sex. For many, it's the most elusive secret of all time, understanding what women want or how men think.

But what if someone was able to share a few secret truths and make your attraction transformation easier?

Many hands make light work, which is why smart people get all the help they can get, especially when it's offered so freely by a respected authority on the subject.

Author Mirabelle Summers from Meet Your Sweet has recently completed two free reports, one for men and one for women, on the secret truth about the opposite sex, and how to make attraction work for you.

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She has been busy working for the last few months on her new Attraction Transformation Series, and has gathered a few of her most juicy gems and secrets and decided to share them with you, at no charge.

I have read a lot of Mirabelle's books and reports and this gal is someone who really understands her subject, and best of all, you get the benefit of her wisdom at no cost and can start applying this information immediately. Every time I read something from Mirabelle I have something I can learn, even when I think I know it all. There's a lot of stuff online that people will happily sell you, and leave you feeling disappointed, but Mirabelle has a knack for getting to the heart of the issue and answering the big questions!

Look, if you are serious about transforming your attraction success with men or women, you must stop by her blog and get your copy of her free report.

It's a great read and absolutely worth a look:

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to re-establish contact with a long distance ex-spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend

Let’s take a look at a common relationship problem:

In today’s society it’s quite common, especially amongst young couples, for relationships to be ended by one of the partners being forced to relocate. It could mean one partner following a career opportunity that takes them far away. The important thing in these instances is that the relationship itself never broke down, the situations merely changed. In some cases, the couple may have tried a long distance relationship, but these can be very difficult and usually only work for short term separations. Eventually couples separated by distance will become tied up in their own local lives and drift apart. When this happens the potential is always there for the couple to re-establish contact, and eventually a relationship, but the initial stages of this can be very awkward.

Initially when you meet with an old flame there is some uncertainty as to exactly what your relationship is. You were a couple, but you separated because of distance, but now there is no distance so - are you a couple again? Generally the safest answer to that question is always going to be no. You need to assume that they have met someone or something has changed in the mean time and you are once again friends who may be interested in more. Contact them on this basis. Let them know when you are going to be around and ask them if they are free to meet up. Email is a pretty effective way of doing this, but you can have a great catch-up if you speak to them on the phone before you arrive.

One of the risks, if you have a limited time on your first meeting with them, is that you can spend so much time catching up on each others lives that you don’t have any time left to turn the conversation to the thing that’s really been bugging you - whether your long distance ex is interested in re-establishing a relationship. This is why surprising them with a phone call to ask them if they are free to see you is a great idea. You can get all the ‘polite’ conversation out of the way, catch up on the key changes in each others lives and then leave more personal talk for when you are face to face.

When you do see each other again treat it like a first date you expect to go very well. Do something fun, and preferably something that reminds you both of how much you enjoyed each others company before your enforced separation. The important thing is to contact them as a friend, and have fun. If it goes further than that - fantastic!

Re-establish contact with your long distance ex lover and get on the road to get back together with your beloved. Also, check out Win Back Love: How To Get Back The Love Of Your Life, by Annalyn Caras, for a potent, step-by-step guide to help you get your ex back.